I died and lost Health! What gives?

-When you die, you will lose Wellness.  Wellness can be boosted and recovered by eating good food.  And smoking crack, but that isn’t coming out til “Darkness Falls: The Junky Years.”

Where do I smelt titanium ?

-The grown up in me wants to say “You smelt it in the Advanced Forge or Fusion Forge”, but the kid in me wants to say “You smelt it in your butt.”  Guess which one I’m going to say?

How to cure food poisoning ?

-Die.  For those of you who do not find this to be an appropriate answer, try eating more to replenish the food lost.

Where do I get titanium ?

Ah the wasteland, lo the wasteland.  Make haste to the wasteland.  Onward to the wasteland.  Go get titanium in the wasteland.  And bring me back a sack of sliders too.