Support and More

SUPPORT can be found at

Paypal for those who just want to make a one-off donation.

Patreon for the insane folks who want to contribute on a monthly basis.

Donations/Monetary support are never expected or encouraged. No-one will be getting preferential treatment for dedciding they want to support the mod in this manner. My personal suggestion, if you want to do so, is to go the Bluefang route if you’re thinking of ordering a server. It helps out them AND me at the same time, so win/win?


The use of SDX has allowed me to add various models and sound effects into the game, but some of these had to be purchased. As such, a Terms of Use is now required so I can properly detail what may and may not be used by other people in their projects. Personal use is fine, but they may not be redistributed. As such, here are the lists of what may and may not be used by other modders.

Available For Use.

  • Any XML as this is originally property of TFP and I have simply expanded upon it.
  • Research Desk – From the SDX tool.
  • Mortar and Pestle – Kindly provided by Xyth.
  • Tailoring Workstation – Kindly provided by Xyth.
  • Combat Axe – Available for free on the Unity store.
  • Water Barrel – Available for free on the Unity store.
  • Tomato Plant + Tomato – Available for free online and legally.
  • Hand Grenade – Available for free online and legally.
  • Original Behemoth – Property of TFP.
  • Frostbitten Worker – Property of TFP.
  • Female Lab Zombie – Property of TFP.
  • Health/Stamina/Food/Water bars – Property of TFP.
  • Item Icons – Either provided for use by Valmar on these forums, icons from previous alphas or icons altered by me.
  • Roadhog and sounds.

Not Available For Use.

  • New UI textures.
  • Lockpicks.
  • Stone Hammer.
  • Stone Spear.
  • Radio.
  • Oil Pump.
  • Metal Workbench.
  • Laser Workbench.
  • Lathe.
  • Big Forge
  • Advanced Forge.
  • Fusion Forge.
  • Any of the “Sci Fi” stuff, like doors, desks, etc.
  • Laser Rifle, Pistol, Sword and new tool.
  • Hornets.
  • Male Behemoth (radiated).
  • Male Lab Zombie.
  • AR-15.
  • Combat Shotgun.
  • P225.
  • Apple Tree’s + Apple.
  • Banana Tree’s + Banana.
  • Carrot Plant’s + Carrots.
  • Palm Tree’s + Coconut.
  • Wheat Plants.
  • Female Voice Lines for Bandit.
  • Female Voice Lines for Caitlin.
  • Winchester Rifle.
  • Laser Weapons.
  • Coil guns.
  • Steel Wrench.
  • Both Demons.
  • Armoured Car.

Permission will never be granted to use items in the “not available for use” list due to EULA’s, so please don’t ask! All of them are available on the Unity store and I am happy to provide links to the various store items if people want them (and if they are still available). Any mods found using those assets will be repoted to the moderators. You have been warned.