Darkness Falls:
They mostly come out at night…

A 7 Days to Die Overhaul

This is an overhaul mod. If you’re planning to run it on a server, you need to make sure your server provider allows DLL uploads AND all clients need to have the CLIENT version of the mod downloaded and installed.

—Q: How do read FAQ?

A: Ever read a book? It’s sorta like that, except more educational than Harry Potter or whatever kids are into these days

Better A: Use CTRL+F to search, browse, or curl up on the beach with a Corona and a lovely FAQ to read.


—Q: Where can I find class information for this overhaul?

A: All class information is here:


—Q: How do I grow crops successfully?

A: TO GROW CROPS SUCCESSFULLY you need to use the Rain catcher to water your crops ALL plants MUST be within 4 blocks of a rain catcher to grow as they now need water . I have successfully found that if you dig a hole 2 blocks deep and put the rain catcher at the bottom the water that it spawns will not overflow and destroy your crops but it will still water the plants. I have found that if you put them in a grid EVERY 5 blocks dug down 2 deep that all my crops grow and i have no problems what so ever here is a picture of what i mean.

each of these pics shows raincatchers 2 blocks down and watering the crops the distance between is slightly differant because i was experimenting with the grid pattern needed to work successfully but a grid of 5 blocks covers everything and you will have great crops hereafter Fruit trees do not fall under the need to water they will grow on there own like in previous game versions 

if you are planting crops on a roof top the soil MUST be 2 deep for the rain catchers to NOT destroy your crops so put soil 2 deep on your roof top gardens the rain catchers will over flow with it only 1 deep . you have been warned !

—Q: How do I use drawbridges? 

A: Dan’s powered doors/bridges video to help anyone out who needs it. 

—Q: How do I raise animals?

A: You must find a baby. Animal that is. If you find a human baby then you are playing the wrong mod. Put the baby animal on your hotbar and left click to place it. You MUST feed your animal(s) to keep it alive. Craft the Animal Food Storage and Animal Water Storage containers. Keep these refreshed often. You can also place water in an open spot nearby. The food list is as follows: Boar: Plant Fibers, Corn, Corn on the Cob. Goat: Plant Fibers, Corn, Corn on the Cob, Yucca. Sheep: Plant Fibers, Corn, Corn on the Cob, Yucca. Cow: Plant Fibers, Corn, Corn on the Cob, Yucca. Chicken: Corn, Corn Meal. Wolf: Raw Meat, Rotten Flesh. The ‘Animal Water Storage’ box is used if you wish to have animals drink jars of water and murky water instead of just having a hole in the ground

—Q: Could you explain quality on weapons and tools?

A: Base damage doesn’t increase. Damage BONUS from installed mods does increase based on the quality. 15% at T2 to 30% at T6 as an example. 🙂 Easier to balance new weapons that way, but then quality has a use. So a T6 iron club gets +30-ish% per installed mod damage bonus, while T2 only gets +15%

—Q: Can I use any other mods with Darkness Falls ?

A: It is highly not recommended as they may cause issues

—Q: Can I play random gen maps?

A: You can use RWG but you may not get all of the POI. To ensure that you do, use the pre-generated Darkness Falls maps

—Q: What ore resources are in each biome?

A: List follows:

Snow – Primary: Nitrate. Secondary: Lead/Coal
Forest – Primary: Iron. Secondary: Lead/Nitrate
Desert – Primary: Oil. Secondary: Coal/Iron
Wasteland – Primary: Titanium. Secondary: Coal/Iron
Burnt – Primary: Coal. Secondary: Oil/Nitrate
Radiated – Primary: Titanium. Secondary: Uranium/Plutonium

—Q: How do I find those resources?

A: Find a boulder and whack it. Whatever ore you get means there may be a vein below that boulder. Start digging! Remember, look for gravel underground as that is a sign of an ore vein there.

—Q: How do I unlock the other classes?

A: You need to craft a new blank class paper on the writing desk using bundles of skill notes and ink. Skill notes are obtained from scrapping recipes/schematics and ink you can craft and/or find in desks and nightstands. You are able to unlock every class. Additionally, class books are lootable but it is a very low chance.

—Q: How do I farm crops?

A: You no longer only need farm plots. You can craft a garden hoe and till the ground to place seeds. Plants NEED water to grow. They must be within 4 spaces of a water block. You can craft a rain catcher to spawn water blocks (careful, it can spawn a lot of water, so don’t plant right next to the catcher)

—Q: What guns does the mod add?

A: P225 Pistol, Combat Shotgun, Winchester Rifle, AR15 Rifle, Laser Pistol (technology class), Laser Rifle(technology class)

—Q: How do I craft a gun?

A: You must unlock Gun Crafting X (check the gun perk for required crafting tier needed). Then gather the correct parts and craft in the workbench. Gun parts are created in a lathe

—Q: How do I use guns?

A: Well, you pew pew. Then you bang bang until things are dead. Then celebrate with a beer.

—Q: How do I get a lathe?

A: You cannot craft this. It must be found. Look in air drops, working stiff boxes, behemoth dropped loot, and the traders secret stash

—Q: Can traders and NPC’s be killed?

A: Yes. Traders will respawn over time. NPC’s such as guards will not. Survivors and bandits repopulate the world over time.

—Q: Who are these NPC’s that I can hire?

A: They are badass ladies of death. You can hire them for their desired amount. You can then give them commands and they will help protect you. They CAN be killed. Also, you MUST give them food and water. They are human too after all. Put the food and water into their inventory

—Q: What are the zombies buffs?

A: Yes, zombies do provide buffs to other zombies. Nurses/Doctors – Regenerate health to nearby zombies. Footballers – Increase nearby zombie speed. Cheerleaders – Increase nearby zombie jump height/distance. Edgar/Fat guy – Increase nearby zombie damage.

—Q: I died and now my max health is lower. What gives?

A: You lost some wellness! Remember that thing from A16 and prior? It’s back! Eat/drink some better food items to regain your wellness. Click on any food/drink item to see how much wellness it gives. The healthier the item, the more you get!

—Q: Do portals respawn?

A: Yes

—Q : I die a lot. What to do ?

A : Git gud

—Q: Where can I find the science bunkers?

A: The small bunker can be found in the burnt biome. The large bunker can be found in the wasteland.

—Q: Why do I have a skill with a red checkmark that says “disabled by status effect”?

A: That means you read a book to unlock a skill but you still need to meet that skill requirements, such as Gun Crafting, Tool Crafting, etc.

—Q: How do I grow fruit trees?

A: Plant them on forest ground. The ground does not need tilled and they do not require water. These take a bit longer to grow, give them time.

—Q: is there any way to increase the spawn population of zombies in wilderness / wandering horde?

A: yes to both Spawning.xml is used to define wilderness spawns:

<biome name="city"> <spawn maxcount="3" respawndelay="1" time="Day" entitygroup="ZombiesAll" /> <spawn maxcount="5" respawndelay="1" time="Night" entitygroup="ZombiesNight" /> <spawn maxcount="1" respawndelay="1" time="Any" entitygroup="ZombieDogGroup" /> </biome>

increase maxcount if you want more, do it for every biome/area listed in that file (they are all at the top) gamestages.xml is for the wandering hordes:

<spawner name="WanderingHorde"> <gamestage stage="1"><spawn group="ZombiesNight" num="10" maxAlive="50"/></gamestage> </spawner>

That’s just one line, but if you want more then just increase num to whatever you like. Don’t increase maxalive beyond 60 though to prevent fps issues That’s just one entry as well, you’ll see there are more so just change them how you want it(edited)

Average foods which increase wellness (+3, capped at 200):

 steak and potato
 hobo stew
 Fish tacos
 Chili dog
 Blueberry pie
 Pumpkin Pie
 vegetable stew
 goldenrod tea
 Red tea
 Yucca smoothie
 Banana Bread
 Banana pancakes
 Orange marmalade
 Vegetable soup
 Blueberry pancakes

Good foods which increase wellness (+5, capped at 300):

Pure mineral water
 Black strap coffee
 Grandpas moonshine
 Grandpas awesome sauce
 Grandpas learning elixir
 Tomato juice
 Apple juice
 Orange juice
 Orange tea
 Veggie Bolognaise
 Meat Bolognaise
 Roast dinner
 Apple pie

—Q: Where can I find my logfiles?

A: Client: C:\Users\?\AppData\LocalLow\The Fun Pimps\7 Days To Die\Player.log
Server: \7DaysToDieServer_Data\output_log_dedi__Datestamp

—Q: (Server only) How do I change the map to a preset map?


<property name=”GameWorld”  value=”Navezgane”/><!– “RWG” (see WorldGenSeed and WorldGenSize options below) or any already existing world name in the Worlds folder (currently shipping with e.g. “Navezgane”, “PREGEN01”, …) →

Change Navezgane to the name of one of the folders in the worlds folder So… example.

<property name=”GameWorld”  value=”DFalls-Small1″/>  <!– “RWG” (see WorldGenSeed and WorldGenSize options below) or any already existing world name in the Worlds folder (currently shipping with e.g. “Navezgane”, “PREGEN01”, …) –>

WorldGenSeed/WorldGenSize don’t matter, so ignore them

—Q: What does a boulder look like.  Yes, honestly.

A: This is boulder

—Q: What do the labs look like?


—Q: I’ve definitely purchased the correct perk/read the correct book for X item/block, but trying to craft it tells me that I need a perk/book. Why is it still locked?

A:  If you have the right perk/read the correct book and you are not accessing the correct WORKSTATION, it will claim you need a perk. Check the item/block description, but the most common mistake is using the Workbench instead of the Metal Workstation.

—Q: Growing crops indoors. How does this fabulous idea work?

A: So, right now, this is how it works…FIRST YOU NEED DF 2.5 and IRRIGATION items in your recipe list. IMPORTANT You have to make specific seeds, Basically it’s normal crop + the genetically modified super corn. These MUST be planted on a farm plot (yes, I found a use for it). Then it needs the irrigation within 2 blocks and the growing lights within 5 blocks. So 2×10 would work the best.

—Q: Some enemies’ glow is too bright and I can’t aim on them? Can I do anything?

A: Turn off Bloom in video settings.

–Q: I can’t find ore? Where’s the ore? How do I find ore?

A: You, uh, dig:

–Q: The book icon on schematics sometimes shows as read when I read them, sometimes it doesn’t. What is happening here?

A: Any schematic that unlocks a PERK doesn’t show as read

–Q: I’m seeing problems with the CC system – parts of the screen pop in and out.

A: This is caused by Occulssion being set to on in Video Options. This needs to be changed outside of a game.

—Q: How do I use irrigation?

A: Here’s Irrigation 101

—Q: How many mod slots can I get per quality level of my items?

A: Quality range | mod slots 1-10 | 1 11-20 | 1 21-30 | 2 31-40 | 3 41-50 | 4 51-60 | 5 61-70 | 6 71-79 | 7 80-80 | 8


—Q: A radiated zombie dog blew up and turned into a cop.

A: Yup, that’ll happen

—Q: Would you explain COMBINING?

A: Combining explained:

The normal workbench is able to upgrade to 40

The laser workbench is able to upgrade to 80

Both will repair the resulting item.

Combining is the only way to get quality beyond 71.

—Q: How do I manually install Darkness Falls?


  1. 1)Right-click 7 days to die in steam, select properties. 
  2. 2)Click the local files tab. Select “Browse Local Files.” This will put you in the 7 Days to Die folder.  
  3. 3)In the bar above the list of files, click common.  
  4. 4)Right-click 7 Days to die and select copy.  
  5. 5)Paste a copy of the game anywhere you like. I do NOT recommend doing it on the C: drive because windows is a snarky bitch.  
  6. 6)Download the mod. Open the zip file.  
  7. 7)You should have 3 folders: 7DaystoDie_Data, Data, Mods. If you have only a single folder, open THAT and then you should see those 3.  
  8. 8)Extract those 3 folders to the copy of the game you made.  
  9. 9)Overwrite when prompted.  
  10. 10)After that’s done, open the folder where you just extracted the mod to, right click 7DaystoDie.exe (not the EAC one) and send a shortcut to your desktop.  
  11. 11)Done. 

—Q: What do I do with the downloaded zip file?

A: https://www.screencast.com/t/hKLG2ab8q465

—Q: I would like to move my singleplayer game into a multiplayer game. How do I do that?

A: Follow this document put together by @Shady Toucan and @sloggoth . This requires a moderate to high understanding of computers. https://tinyurl.com/stw5zb3

—Q: Are knuckles considered a blunt weapon?

A: Yes, they are in the blunt weapon category

—Q: How does the trader faction system work?

A: Each type of trader will have different learnable skills/recipes at the cost of dukes. To gain access to these, you must earn faction reputation with that trader by doing quests. Each time you complete a quest, you will be given a green note to read that increases the rep with that specific trader. Rep levels are carried over across specific traders, as in one Rekt to another Rekt. But not Rekt to Bob. They have their own separate faction rep. At this time it is not possible to display what each traders reputation is at unfortunately. A good idea might be to craft a sign and place it near the trader to track how many quests you have completed for that trader. There are 5 different tiers of learnable skills/recipes (each at 5/10/15/20, with Bob going up to 25). Each type of trader will have different skills/recipes to learn, so be sure to check them all out.

 —Q: I have been searching and can’t find something, help?

A: Perhaps one of these?


—Q: Where can I find supercorn?

A: Supercorn is lootable and was known to have been worked on in a agriculture lab somewhere in the world, so maybe it’s still there?

—Q: How do I defeat the succubus, incubus, other nasties with amazing health regeneration?

A: Experiment, maybe there is a combo of gun and mod that would work.

DF compatibility Unless stated otherwise DF isn’t compatible with most mods. If you have any issues and you’re using mods that aren’t compatible don’t come whining to fix it. You can ask in support whether a mod is compatible (unlikely any is) and maybe a patch will be made later on. SMXhud – patch: https://github.com/Mythilily/Mythix-Modlets/releases/tag/1