How can I hire NPC’s ?

-Much like random women eating alone at coffee shops, NPCs enjoy being walked up to and offered money for services.  Have you tried offering an NPC Dukes?

How to raise animals ?

-Just put them down in front of a TV, it’s what mom did to raise me and I turned out just fine, just ask my PO. Also, food and water

Do traders respawn ?

-Yes.  Sometimes more than one.  So that is indeed two traders or guard captains that you may occasionally see — not just double vision from your hidden yet crippling alcoholism, you drunk.

How do I grow plants ?

-Plants, much like human babies, need water and sunlight to grow.  Babies, unlike plants, do not react well to being covered in manure.

What are the zombies buffs?

-Special abilities

  • Nurses/Doctors – regen to nearby zombies.
  • Footballers – Increase nearby zombie speed.
  • Cheerleaders – Increase nearby zombie jump height/distance.
  • Edgar/Fat guy – Increase nearby zombie damage.

Can i play an RWG?

-RWG is not currently supported in Darkness Falls, but safe BDSM is.  “Platypus” is the safe word.